Someone sits by my side as I write. Can you find her photo below?

About Me

Former teacher and librarian, I'm now an author of children's books.


Presentations and Writing Workshops have included:

Creative writing classes for the Toronto Board of Continuing Education

Writing for the Children's Market for the Toronto Board of Continuing Education

School presentations across Montreal and Toronto/Markham areas.

Museum presentations at small local museums in the Toronto area.

My Forever Passion


Books and writing, stories and facts make life exciting. I still can't wait to get home from the library and check out my new finds. What have you read lately? 

Book Awards


~ The Toronto Heritage Award of Merit for   Changing the Pattern

~ Storytelling World Award for   The Rooster Prince

~ Frances E. Russel Award for   Believing in Books

~ Our Choice Seal for the best Canadian Children's Books for   Changing the Pattern and  My Mannequins



I always have a writing companion and here she is! Her name is Jazz.

Bringing true events to life is an important goal for me, especially in my new non-fiction book. For fun, I go back to the picture book genre.

You'll always find history, civil rights and Jewish overtones in my work. There will also be much for the classroom, stories that open doors and minds.


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